Ronald Ryan
by on May 25, 2022

People today commonly associate digital communities with social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. However, even though these platforms are designed to be social, they rarely feel like actual communities. It is because social media has several unique issues that affect both fans and content creators.

Below, we explore what social token development will look like in the creator economy. 

Social Token Empower Web3 Artists

The recent past has witnessed creator-backed tokens rising up to the main stage. Creators from all spheres can build their tokens - replicating their expertise - bestowing unique value on their community (audience). 

Social Tokens are the creator or community tokens that follow many of the same ideas as currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin but are tied to a single creator or community. My token $FIRST, for example, is a social token established on Roll that runs on Ethereum and has been a fantastic method to reward my community and empower a group of individuals to build together.

Why is Now the Right Time to Embrace Social Token Development?

Various revenue sources are ensured when businesses like you decide to start developing Community Tokens. You can keep the creators' auction fees, bidding costs, artist minting fees, gas fees, listing fees, and transaction processing expenses.

The producers of social tokens will have a lot of options. They could offer exclusive tokens to their fans and followers if they chose to conduct a fundraising campaign. They can also eliminate the need for intermediaries. Their ardent supporters will utilize virtual tokens to transfer payments directly.


Without a doubt, the creator economy is undergoing a significant transformation right now. Social tokens check all the boxes in terms of community development, providing a virtual experience for fans, and assisting celebrities in generating passive revenue. Do you wish to shine in the Web 3.0 world? Create a white-label social token platform as soon as possible.


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