by on September 13, 2021

Yesterday, the list of all the team players to join the game was confirmed by EA, and before that, there were rumors that in FIFA 22, Non-league side Wrexham might exist in the game for a few months.

However, Wrexham is not on the list, and EA has not given a clear explanation for this reason.

Wrexham became the first non-league team to be included in FIFA after EA announced the roster yesterday. Wrexham has become one of the other teams in the world in FIFA 22 (the first four levels of English football are also included in FIFA 22 by default).

Before Wrexham was removed from the official list by EA, because Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney acquired Wrexham in 2020, there were rumors that the National League club would enter FIFA 22 within a few months. And Reynolds, who plays Deadpool and Free Guy, is also the birthplace of FIFA from Vancouver, Canada.

In addition, because former Wrexham defender Shaun Pejic is the producer of Vancouver's FIFA, Wrexham has another connection with EA Sports.

So it's normal for EA's official club list to have Wrexham's name. However, it was surprising that Wrexham was suddenly removed from the list.

Therefore, we need to further investigate the reasons, and according to Buy FUT 22 Coins one of the representatives of EA, this information will be announced one by one later.

In less than a month, FIFA 22 is about to be released. During this period, various emergencies are constantly happening, so we still need to wait for the official announcement to confirm the authenticity of the information. Among them, the list of players in the game can affect the hearts of players the most. Because players will make unremitting efforts to get the players they like, this is also the biggest worry for players in the game.

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