by on August 6, 2022

The Valtan raid adds a new rarity tier. Crafting materials earned in the raid could be turned into relic gear, which features accessories with additional engraving nodes. Although it may not sound too impactful however, in Korea it altered the possible options for Lost Ark Gold certain advanced classes. The DPS Paladin build, for instance is based on relic gear.

The thing I'm most excited about is hidden away inside the "quality of life updates" section Front indicator for back attacks and front. Lines indicating exactly where the relevant elements of a boss's hitbox starts and ends would be helpful in both counters that land (which should be targeted towards the front) and also in skills that can do more damage to the head of an opponent or butt. It's a tiny thing, but with Guardians like the evil tree Levanos and other bosses that are blobby, facing can be surprisingly inconclusive. I'd love to see precise hitbox circles for players added as the next step.

Other changes to quality of life to the game include "the ability to check the frequency of participation in content in a fresh menu updated UI, an improved invitations to parties and parties as well as updated loot dismantling features that make it easier to use Market/Auction House, and a couple of fun features, such as being able to randomly summon favourite mounts as well as new hairstyles for customization!" A menu to track all the daily and weekly items included in Lost Ark would be a godsend, so that's another great update.

The May update is also bringing the previously announced advanced class of the destroyer as well as the Deskaluda Guardian Raid as well as Challenge Guardian Raids. new guild activities including PvP islands sieges, plus more activities for the newly added world of South Vern, and Wild Wings Island. Wild Wings Island is another bizarre event island in which you battle the size of a chicken, is that right? According to Cheap Lost Ark Gold the latest update: "Seeking revenge for eating their loved ones, Crispy Golden Chickings are planning to raid the island. The players transform into a chicken or drinker to fight the Chicking boss to earn Event coins." OK, sure.

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