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by on January 28, 2022

Celebrities can directly reach out to their followers now. They are launching their personalized collectibles in the form of virtual assets. Likewise, their fans are making bids for these limited-edition collections by taking part in auctions. Are you an ambitious metapreneur? Begin social token development. 

What are the notable features of a Social Token Development Platform? 

  • Content dashboard - Influencers and popular personalities across genres can easily upload their photos and videos on a Social token development platform. Importantly, users will receive real-time notifications on their devices. They can like, comment, share the posts, and also follow the profiles of celebrities. 
  • Social media login mechanism - Users can instantly create an account. They can link their social networks and view engaging content. 
  • Genre-wise segregation of content - You can capture the interests of your target audience easily by launching a social token development platform. Content creators can choose multiple genres like adventure, comedy, horror, romance, mystery, music, etc. 
  • Help Desk - Celebrities and followers can resolve issues directly by contacting the help center. They will receive instant support for problems like processing of payments to the digital wallet, syncing of social media accounts, receiving creator coins.
  • Change language button - Users can effortlessly change the language while viewing content. Based on their location and preferences, fans and followers of celebrities can flexibly add and remove languages. 
  • Filter and Search collectible option - Prospective buyers can discover rare collectibles by clicking the filters button. Investors can choose options like Status (Buy Now, On Auction, New, and Has to Offer), Blockchain network (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano), Price (Minimum to Maximum in US Dollars), Type (Films, Sports, Music, Art, etc). 

Subsequently, they can see details like a short description of the asset, the name and social media accounts of the creator, the token ID, and the auction ending time. 

Wrapping Up

Creator coins and community tokens are gaining more popularity now. Eager to make a splash in the world of Web 3.0? Initiate Social token development for the community now by contacting a white-label NFT marketplace creation enterprise soon.

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