Celine anderson

Binance clone scripts are the perfect replica of the famous crypto exchange platform Binance. The Binance clone scripts also offer the exact security & verification features too.


Let's have a detailed look at the security features of Binance Clone Script

  • CSRF Protection
  • DDoS Protection
  • X-Frame Option
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Multi-Sig Wallet
  • Time Locked Transactions

CSRF Protection

CSRF protection will use CSRF tokens to establish a shield for protecting the details of user accounts from hackers.


DDOS Protection

DDOS protection offers security for exchange platforms from factors that interrupt the functionalities of the platform.


X-Frame Option

X-frame prevents the users from click-jacking attacks. Thus traders will not face any data losses. 


Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication for Registration, login & verification purposes for additional security.


Multi-Sig Wallet

The multi-Sig wallet will require two or more private keys for a secure transaction manner.


Time Locked Transactions

Time-locked transactions will allow users to trade on a fixed particular range of time. It is also one of the secured trading practices.


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