Eliza Josh

Bard, which is now known as Gemini, actually doesn't have many key differences in functionality. It's more of an upgrade! Here's the breakdown:


  • New Name: Bard is now called Gemini.
  • More Powerful: Gemini uses a new family of large language models (LLMs) called Gemini Pro and Gemini Ultra. These are significantly more powerful than the models that powered Bard, allowing for more nuanced and accurate responses.
  • Bigger Dataset: Gemini is trained on a much larger and more diverse dataset of text, code, images, and audio. This gives it a broader understanding of the world and language.
  • Real-time Access: Like Bard, Gemini can access and process information from Google Search and other services to provide up-to-date responses.
  • Paid Version: A new paid tier, Gemini Advanced, is available with the Ultra 1.0 model, offering potentially better performance.


Overall, Gemini is essentially Bard but with a significant power boost, thanks to its new underlying technology and data.

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