Eliza Josh

Tech giants:

    • Amazon (proven solutions, scalable with cloud infrastructure)
    • Microsoft (wide range of AI services, strong developer tools)
    • Google (cutting-edge research, AI integrated across products)
    • IBM (established player, focus on enterprise solutions)

Other notable companies:

    • Alibaba Cloud (strong cloud-based AI services)
    • Osiz Technologies (focus on blockchain and emerging technologies, including AI): https://www.osiztechnologies.com/
    • Companies specializing in certain AI areas (e.g., NVIDIA for hardware, OpenAI for research)

When considering Osiz Technologies, here's what to keep in mind:

  • Their core expertise lies in blockchain development, but they also offer AI development services.
  • It's essential to assess their experience and portfolio in building AI solutions for your specific industry needs.
  • Since they're a mid-sized company compared to tech giants, their scalability for very large projects might differ.

Remember, choosing the best partner depends on your unique requirements.

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