The largest telescope we've ever seen is traveling from the outer edge of our solar system. This could have seen it fly relatively close to Saturn's orbit. Now, an analysis of the new data we've gathered on BB has revealed something quite surprising.The researchers found that BB started working much faster. and farther from the sun than previously thought.
Comets become active when light from

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the sun heats its icy surface. It vaporizes the ice and releases trapped dust and gravel. The resulting haze, known as a coma, can be useful for astronomers to find out what comets are made of.In the case of BB, it is still too far for the water to evaporate. from studying comets at similar distances Instead, the emerging fog is likely driven by a slow emission of carbon monoxide. Previously,

only active comets were observed directly at greater distances from the Sun. And it's much smaller than BB.

These observations are pushing the distances for the moving comets much further than we previously knew," said astronomer Tony Farnham from the University of Maryland (UMD).Clever image layering was needed to detect coma around BB: The researchers had to combine several snapshots from TESS, which used 28-day exposures, aligning the comet's position at a time. to see better

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