The main advantages of DeFi include:

  • Permissionless
    All DeFi services can be accessed without the permission of a third party.

  • Interoperability
    One of the most exciting aspects of decentralized finance tools is their interoperability. In other words, it suggests that DeFi services can collaborate to create new servers and products.

  • Trustless
    Smart contracts provide a transparent environment in which all transactions and interactions can be seen. All transactions and interactions in DeFi are secured by the underlying blockchain.

  • Transparency
    DeFi tracks all user interactions to ensure that all smart contracts are available for analysis and verification.

  • Censorship Resistance
    DeFi services do not discriminate on the basis of nationality, political affiliation, or gender.

  • Programmability
    Any service that allows for the flexibility of encoding in a smart contract is possible as a DeFi solution.


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