Medilift Air Ambulance
by on November 4, 2022

Making arrangements for an air ambulance requires complete dedication and utmost professionalism so that the patient doesn’t feel complicated and there shouldn’t be any breach in the transfer process. The Air Ambulance Service in Patna operational under Medilift Air Ambulance presents an unparalleled medical transportation service that can be beneficial taking into consideration the specific needs of the patients. We have an aero-medically certified team including doctors, nurses, and paramedics to look after the patient onboard.

All of our aircraft carriers have been designed to offer non-turbulent flights to the patients and ensure the comfort and safety of the patient don’t get compromised at any step of the journey. To maintain patient safety and comfort we opt for ICU-equipped flights that are equipped with life support and critical care facilities. The jets of Air Ambulance Service in Patna are fitted with best-in-line medical supplies that offer a smooth flight and increased comfort when the weather is not favorable.

Medilift Air Ambulance Service in Guwahati is the Most Effective Medium of Transfer

During the transfer process, the individual needs of the patients are looked after by the trained staff employed at Medilift Air Ambulance Service in Guwahati which provides administration of medicine and medical aids whenever needed. We take every detail related to the well-being of the patient into consideration and perform to the best of our abilities so that the patent doesn’t experience any unevenness at the time of transfer.

Depending upon the medical condition of the patients the logistic team at Air Ambulance Service in Guwahati comes up with the best suiting solution that matches the requirements of the patients. We have a properly sanitized aircraft carrier on standby 24/7 to guarantee the availability of a medical flight whenever the patient needs to get transferred to the healthcare center. We make sure the transfer process ends successfully.

•             Medical flights with enough space

•             Private treatment area inside the jet

•             Knowledgeable medical team

•             Balanced cabin pressure

•             On-time medical transfer without any delay

•             Maintaining a risk-free environment inside the aircraft

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