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by on April 1, 2024

The explosive growth of eCommerce proves that people love online shopping. With 80% of American adults owning smartphones, mobile apps are essential for the eCommerce industry. Nowadays, mobile apps play a critical role for each business, and for an eCommerce firm, building an eCommerce mobile app is a basic necessity.

With the current world population of around 8 billion people, do you know that in 2023, more than 2.1 billion people shop on eCommerce platforms? Interestingly, most of them have dedicated eCommerce apps to do so. The global eCommerce market reached $6.3 trillion in 2023, and today, if you want to create a sustainable eCommerce startup, you need an app-centric strategy for sure.

But why must you develop a mobile app for your eCommerce venture? This blog will give you a comprehensive answer to that question. So read this article till the end.

Reasons Mobile App Crucial For Startup Success In ECommerce:

In 2022, eCommerce mobile apps generated around $3.59 trillion in revenue, a sharp 8.1% jump from 2021, with a projected CAGR of 10.78% by 2030. Meanwhile, theeCommerce app sessions increased by a whopping 121%. So, the growth of eCommerce mobile apps shows no sign of slowing down.

The question is, why? Here are a few compelling reasons describing why you should develop a mobile app for your eCommerce startup. It will also provide a clear insight into why online shoppers prefer eCommerce mobile apps over eCommerce web platforms.

#1 Reduced Response Time:

Mobile apps run faster than websites. It is one of the significant reasons behind developing eCommerce apps over web platforms. Mobile apps download far less data from servers compared to websites and web applications, allowing users to complete their actions or tasks quickly. Developing an eCommerce application allows the eCommerce merchant to reduce the waiting time for users to load any product page. It will enable customers to scroll your eCommerce apps more proactively and set a default preference on app settings to get relevant content.

#2 Aiding Better Data Collection To Improve Service Quality:

The eCommerce landscape become incredibly competitive in the last few years. So, to stand out, eCommerce brands need a robust customer relationship. Knowing the buying behaviour and patterns of online shoppers is the best way to do that. Having an eCommerce app can help you get that crucial information and establish a flourishing relationship with your clients. Furthermore, with the help of this information, you can create an effective business strategy for your eCommerce startup and attract more shoppers to your platform. The mobile apps store essential customer data that includes buying patterns, needs, preferences, and wish lists crucial for startup success in eCommerce.

#3 Greater Brand Recognition:

eCommerce mobile app development allows you to make your brand more recognized among customers than competitors. When you have a dedicated eCommerce mobile application, you can offer your products and services online. Furthermore, with the help of your eCommercemobile app, you can integrate all your communication options, enabling your audience to interact and engage with your brand without any obstacles or hurdles.

#4 Enhanced User Experience:

Compared to websites, developing a mobile app for an eCommerce business ensures enhanced user experience. Mobile apps facilitate more streamlined and simplified user navigation, allowing users to stay focused on their searches to find the products and services relevant to them. An enhanced user experience of eCommerce apps is one of the fundamental reasons for developing an eCommerce mobile app, as it ensures more sales and conversions.

#5 Most Secure Payment Option:

Another critical reason shoppers prioritize eCommerce mobile apps over websites is that they offer the most secure payment options like digital payment, debit cards, credit cards, etc. These payment options ensure a seamless and protected payment experience for users. eCommerce mobile apps enable users to shop online effortlessly instead of repeatedly typing the same banking information for each shop. A mobile app allows shoppers to store essential payment-related details and make them more secure by incorporating the latest technologies like fingerprint sensors.

#6 Mobile ECommerce Apps Boost Customer Loyalty:

It has been observed that a mobile app helps brands establish a loyal customer base. One of the reasons mobile apps are crucial for startup success in eCommerce is that they allow brands to connect with their target customers more personally. Customers who download mobile apps check out the features and services more often than traditional websites and web applications. For instance, when customers install an eCommerce mobile app, they typically return to it to check the order history or set up instant alerts for a future mega-sale event. A study reveals that users spend 3 times more time on mobile apps than on websites. Therefore, the app is crucial for an eCommerce startup to attract and retain new customers.

Surging E-Commerce Mobile App Usage Trends – A Statistical Deep Dive:

Global eCommerce traffic has seen an increase of 48% since 2019 through mobile apps and currently captures around 73% of the market share. This is because eCommerce mobile apps make it easy for customers to browse as many items as they wish and save items without any hustle.

According to an online survey, eCommerce startups that use mobile apps have 3.14 times higher conversion rates compared to eCommerce web platforms. Many customers express their satisfaction with using eCommerce mobile solutions as they provide them with a frictionless purchase journey.

In addition, the survey also reveals that more than 71% of customers prefer personalized product recommendations in mobile apps. So, as customers prefer mobile apps more than online web stores, developing a mobile app for eCommerce businesses is the only way forward for startups.

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