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Island Souls (also called Island Tokens) are the main reward for Lost Ark Gold completing an island challenge. You can learn more about the challenges by talking to Opher who is located within The Lonely Island northwest of Pleccia (right right side of the map). When you open the dialogue window, find the category (such such as "chest," adventure quest', or the word 'Rapport') by moving your mouse over the category with Island Souls.Opher is the NPC to meet if you'd like to trade in your Island Souls for rewards. Give to the Island Souls to the statue at the beach first (a bit further to the east) then talk to Opher for some of the items listed below:

Lost Ark Adventure Islands

Adventure Islands are a typical endgame activity. To find one, open Procyon's Compass and click on the 'appearance notification info' button. You'll know when and where will be the next Adventure Islands will appear. Additionally, you'll be able to see the recommended item level and the anticipated rewards.

Sail to the Adventure Island and wait for access. You can't see the island in the moment, but you're in the right location when you notice a maelstrom with different boats that are grouped together. Once your Adventure Island appears, right-click to enter. The co-op adventure begins instantly. You just need to follow the instructions, and don't be afraid to seek help via chat if the mission isn't clear.

The most beautiful islands of Lost Ark: starter route

We recommend that you visit each and every buy Lost Ark Gold island eventually, but you might want to start with the easiest plus rewarding first. The islands in this list are either easy to complete and extremely rewarding, filled with pandas and turtles, or form part of bigger quest lines.

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