by on September 15, 2021

The Elder Scrolls Online recently released update 7.1.6. This patch only focuses on bug fixes and improvements. And some bugs related to Blackwood, Clockwork City, Greymoor and Orsinium in the game have been resolved. Several crashes have been fixed, and errors related to fishing have been resolved. This patch also resolves issues in the newly added Walking Flame DLC. Players will have a better gaming experience. Besides that, they can also ESO Gold Buy to enhance their strength. Here is everything players need to know.

Fixes and Improvements. Rockgrove Trial. Players will now join the ongoing encounters at specific locations where Flame-Herald Bahsei is fighting. Quests. Deepening Shadows: Fixed an issue where the Animo Core related to this mission could not be interacted with after completing the Steam puzzle. Antiquities. The expired ancient clues will no longer delete the existing ancient processes. Fishing. Fixed an issue where players could not fish in Wrothgar. Dungeons. Cyronin Artellian: On Normal difficulty, Fear Surge will no longer hit a fixed target multiple times. Given the slower travel speed of surges, this problem is specific to normal mode. Veterans and Hard Mode are not affected. Magma Incarnate: After placing the Challenge Banner, Scorion Collectors joining the battle will now be temporarily stunned when entering the battle. Prior Thierric: Former Thierric will no longer occasionally be invisible in battle.

Weapons. Destruction Staff. Elemental Susceptibility (morph): Redo this transformation so that it no longer lasts until the target leaves the battle, but increases the duration to 1 minute. When this ability is active, the target will be affected by burning, ice slowing, or shock every 6 seconds. Fitness. Bracing Anchor: Fixed the issue where the star’s reward was addition instead of multiplication. Arena Weapons. Caustic Arrow: Fixed the problem that the set does not keep its effects after swapping bars. As a result, this item set can no longer be fully processed by the ESO Gold, and therefore, will no longer work in a processless environment. PvP Sourced. Elf bane: Fixed the problem that the suit is not suitable for ground effects such as eruptions or fire walls.

The patch notes of each platform are different, and players can view them according to their platform. Interested players can prepare enough ESO Gold to quickly enhance their strength!

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