by on October 23, 2021

I couldn't find the complete list, but here are a few I found. Desert Treasure - Very good. Part II of Mourning’s Ends - Inspiring. This is one of my least favorite books, for RuneScape Gold obvious reasons. Rat Catchers is a long and entertaining story. New areas are released, etc. Swan Song – New Area Great boss fight. You can also complete 20+ quests without of them feeling rushed.

It's not what I was referring to. I meant that people are looking that quests these days have a decent plot, decent cinematics, and decent rewards. I've completed about 40-50 members quests on my Ironman and a lot really feel like 'do 'do y' 'do z' get items, and complete the quest.

It is positive to see Jagex take a keen interest in the wild. It can definitely be one of the best areas within the game. It's still a favorite of mine, and was my favorite location when I was playing freeplay.

Rune Labs - Okay cool. Community Development Team: It's great to see Runezone residents gaining more work opportunities. A brand new game that I never thought I would be capable of playing an actual card game. HTML5 – This was the game I was expecting. 

It's great to know that they are going towards a new direction as their current strategy doesn't work. Elder Gods Quest- It's an uninteresting game however, it's a good game. Even though it's an intermediate-level quest, I wanted something different than just looking to Buy OSRS Fire Cape find loony.

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