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The Internet has become a crucial part of our lives, allowing us to work, shop, stay in touch with family and friends, and get entertained. But it is also a dangerous place, with cybercriminals lurking around every corner.

That’s why it’s important to stay safe online. McAfee is one of the best antivirus solutions on the market today and offers a variety of features to keep you safe. And we are discussing the top 10 McAfee features you should know to stay safe. From real-time scanning to secure file sharing and parental controls, McAfee has a lot to offer. Let us not spoil the list for you already and get straight into it.



Real-time Protection monitors your entire computer, looking for malicious programs. It’s important to have real-time protection enabled, as you might get a virus anytime. This feature ensures that your computer is safe. The antivirus stays open all the time and alerts you as soon as it detects anything.

This feature is open by default for all McAfee products, including McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security, and McAfee Smart Protection. If you are skeptical, you can enable real-time scanning by going to Settings, Protection, and clicking on the Enable Scanning button.


A firewall is a piece of software designed to detect and block unknown access to your computer or network. Once enabled, it monitors all the incoming traffic thoroughly. Thus, protecting your home network system. This is a two-way firewall. It detects not only incoming traffic but outgoing ones as well. Blocks and alerts the source as soon as it detects any.


One of the best McAfee features for businesses is secure file sharing, which allows you to easily share files with colleagues or clients without having to worry about your data being stolen or misused. The software creates a virtual network on your computer where you can securely store your files. A number of devices can access this network and can talk to each other hassle-free. By talking, we also mean file sharing.


Criminals often trick you into clicking on links or downloading malicious software by sending fake emails that appear to be from a legit source. These types of emails are known as phishing attempts and can trick even the most educated people. Anti-spam and anti-phishing features allow you to get rid of unwanted messages and prevent you from falling for such cheap tricks.

In addition to keeping your inbox clean and protected, McAfee also includes an auto-learning engine that learns what spam and phishing emails look like and then sorts them accordingly.


Passwords seem safe and unbreakable. Unfortunately, they are one of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to break into your accounts. As you often make easy passwords and also reuse them for the sake of convenience.

McAfee Password Manager helps you protect your passwords by storing them in a secure digital vault. The service generates and stores passwords for you. You’ll only have to remember one master password to open the vault and log in to every account you want to secure. This means you can make as strong passwords as you want.


Everyone knows how easy it is to trick kids into clicking some sketchy links. Criminals often take advantage of little kids’ innocence by making them download potentially harmful information.

With parental controls, you can block any inappropriate websites limiting your children’s access to the Internet. McAfee includes website content filtering and content moderation so that parents can be sure of children’s time on the Internet.


Identity theft can occur when criminals gain access to your personal information, such as your name, address, or social security number. McAfee Identity Protection features can help you prevent identity theft by securing your personal information. The software checks various databases regularly to see if your personal information is compromised. If it is, then it tells you ways to mitigate your loss. It also educates you about ways to keep your data safe.


The Internet is full of pitfalls these days. One bad click can lend you unexpected trouble. Troubles such as viruses, phishing attempts, data leaks, and adware. That’s why we need something to protect ourselves with. For this, features such as McAfee Web protection feature come in handy.

Web protection help prevent your computer from harmful websites, such as those that contain inappropriate content or are phishing sites. If you use a computer without web protection enabled, you could accidentally visit a malicious website, which could infect your computer with malware.


What do you think happens when you delete a file? Do you think the file is gone forever? No, it is not. Even if you press the Shift+Delete key or empty the recycle bin. The file stays until the hard drive is filled up to the brim more than once. Even doing that doesn’t guarantee a permanent deletion. Free recovery software can still restore them. That’s why we need a shredder, which shreds file permanently so that no one can restore them. The McAfee antivirus offers a shredder as well; that does just that.


You might not want your network provider or your employer to know what websites you visit on the Internet. Which makes sense; why should he know? But it is likely that they could know all of that. That’s why a VPN comes in handy. It aims to anonymize you on the Internet so that even your network provider can’t find out what you are up to.


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