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The latest FIFA 23 Goal Challenge has been canceled and it features a key part of Sassuolo's starting XI. A new 87 OVR Centurions card for Midfielder Domenico Berardi is now available in FUT and can be obtained by completing this objective. So, how to get the 87-rated Berardi with 5-star moves? Let's look at goals. Sell ​​fifa coins after the challenge, earn money and enjoy the game.

In order to complete this Centurions challenge, you must complete four different objectives. All of this needs to be done in Squad Battles or Rivals. This means that this challenge can be completed through offline play alone, online play or a combination of games.

The four goals are as follows:
Scoring Genius – Score at least eight goals with Serie A players in Squad Battles. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals) (rewarded with 75+ OVR Rated Rare Player Pack and 300 XP)
Midfield Touch – Assist four goals with a Midfielder (LM/RM/CM/CDM/CAM) in a Squad Battle. Semi-Pro Difficulty (or Competitor) (rewards are gold packs and XP)
Highlight Play – Use an Italian player to score and assist in three different matches in a Squad Battle. Semi-Pro Difficulty (or Rival) (rewards are two rare gold player packs and 300 XP)
Win 6 – Win at least six Squad Battles matches. Semi-Pro difficulty (or Rivals) (rewarded with Small Electrum Players Pack and 300 XP)
Complete all four and you'll earn 87 OVR Berardi.
There aren't many challenges in this particular one; just winning and making sure Serie A players are up front to help achieve the "scoring genius" goal. Not to mention, make sure to play to your best possession and passing midfielder abilities to accomplish the "midfield touch" goal.
The challenge is set to expire on January 20th.

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