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There are many world bosses in Lost Ark for players to explore. Killing the world bosses can improve the game level and get rich rewards. These rewards include top equipment, experience points, materials and Lost Ark Gold. It has a world map that allows you to find more World Boss.

Find Lost Ark Tarmakum

Players need to cross the Spectrum Ocean by boat to reach the secret location Facility X-301. In the southeast, you will meet NPCRonika. After killing the enemy that appears in front of you, talk to Ronica and she will tell you the location of Lost Ark Tarmakum.

After you chat with Ronika, she will ask you to do a small task for her. The objective is called Investigating the Ronica Track. Remember every objective you need to do in the game, you will get a blue marker on the map, follow the location and you will find it easily. You have to check the currently running machine. After that, you have to figure out a way to stop the machine and check the boxes stacked there.

Find the key

Once at your destination, use the communication module to answer Elisa's call. Later she will ask you to kill the Lost Ark Tarmakum Boss in the X-301 area. In the underground area, look for a secret hideout key.

To make the key, the required materials are the Current Coil 30 and the Battery 1000. In addition to that, you will also need to defeat some enemies in the area to gain access to the treasure chest. Take all the required materials from the chest to NPC Detective Bergstrom to craft your secret hideout key.

Defeat the Tarmakum Boss

The location of the secret hideout will now be visible on the map when you receive the key. So you can now head to the secret hideout in the underground area of ​​the factory. There you will find the Lost Ark Tarmakum location.

Tarmakum boss attacks are deadly and can kill you quickly. So all you need to do is dodge deadly attacks and unleash your rage on them. He dies soon after and you get amorphous circuits. Also, you should now have Amorphous Circuity plugged into the machine.

Meet Elisa for Tarakum Boss Battle Rewards

After completing the mission, you will receive a message from Elisa that you should return to the stern. When you get back to the stern, you must report Bastian who will be in Town Hall. After meeting Bastian, your mission will finally be completed.

After defeating the Tarakum Boss, you will get:

Harmony Shard upto 228
Silver = 564
Roster XP = 2577
Destruction Stone Fragment = 10

Fighting with world bosses is not easy, you need some strategy and patience, in addition, you also need to upgrade yourself, enough levels and the improvement of your skills will help you win the battle more easily. If you're not confident, then Buy Lost Ark Gold from for a better challenge.

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