by on October 15, 2021

The fact that Final Fantasy XIV games are still as popular as ever, this fact fully demonstrates how good the game is. Players have to do a lot of things in the game, such as completing a wonderful storyline, collecting FFXIV games, participating in PvP, etc., and there is a need for a decent quality of life. A decent quality of life requires players to have enough money, also known as FFXIV Gil.

FFXIV Gil is basically the currency on the fictitious land of Eorzea. Just like the British Pound or Japanese Yen, FFXIV Gil is the basis for all legal transactions in Final Fantasy XIV. It can be said that everything the player can imagine needs FFXIV Gil to obtain. For example, when players want to make an item and have no prerequisites for entering the dungeon, they need FFXIV Gil to purchase materials from the market. In other words, players need to buy an amazing mount to travel the world faster, want to buy top equipment, etc. All these need FFXIV Gil. So next I will unlock how players earn it.

By performing regular tasks, players can upgrade their characters, obtain valuable loot, obtain the title of Final Fantasy XIV, and most importantly, obtain Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Players can find various main scene tasks by searching for NPCs, just like Louis Sova, they have main scene task icons on their heads. Some MSQs have higher level requirements than others, which means they will also award more FFXIV Gil, so be sure to pay attention to these.

Disciple professions are divided into earth disciples and subordinate disciples. Each profession has a different way of obtaining FF14 Gil. The most profitable professions are alchemists, cooks, blacksmiths and goldsmiths. Focusing on these professions will surely give players a considerable amount of FFXIV Gil.

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