by on September 15, 2021

Recently EA Sports announced the first batch of FIFA 22 player ratings, including the top 22 players in this year's game version.

Under normal circumstances, when the ratings of some players are announced by EA in the gaming community, they will surely arouse widespread heated discussion among players and fans, because their favorite stars are upgraded, downgraded or FUT 22 Coins exchanged in the rankings.

The most notable player among them belongs to Cristiano Ronaldo, because he was relegated, which is bound to Buy FIFA 22 Coins set off a huge storm in the FIFA-playing community.

The Ratings Collective is mainly responsible for the production of ratings. As a talent scout network for FIFA games, they will evaluate more than 17,000 players around the world, and then assign the values ​​of more than 30 attributes to them at once to define their skill level in the game. .

Through the ranking results, Lionel Messi is still the best player in the world. Although from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain, the Argentine superstar Messi's performance in the real world has some ups and downs, it still does not affect his rating in FIFA 22, and his rating is always 93. Since he missed the FIFA score, Messi has been one of the top two regulars in FIFA, leading by only one point in FIFA 09 (behind Casillas and Ronaldo).

In FIFA 22, Messi is the first-rated player card. It is naturally very difficult for players to obtain him. At the same time, it costs more FIFA 22 Coins than other player cards, which makes the players who are not wealthy in their pockets even worse.

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