by on December 13, 2021

Amazon Games' first successfully launched game, New World, quickly reached the top of the most popular games on Twitch and Steam when it was released. However, due to almost no legends, excessive repetition and simple game loops, New World has not stabilized these players who are just beginning to come in. And within two months of going online, it lost nearly 90% of its initial player base.

New World’s highest number of players in the past 24 hours is 119,000, which is an impressive number, but only a small part of its opening week, 13% to be precise. Although it is normal for the number of concurrent players to decline after the initial hype of the New World release has subsided, the sharp decline in the number of active players is not friendly to the future of New World.

The weakening of interest in Amazon Games products can be attributed to a variety of reasons, as New World’s technology and design have many flaws. In fact, some of these flaws were found in the closed beta, but Amazon did not pay attention to it, and problems such as New World Gold duplication later appeared. This gradually makes players doubt their abilities and launch the game.

Although the bell of New World is far from ringing, and despite the continued loss of players, the game is still one of the 10 most commonly played games on Steam. We hope that future patches and content additions can improve the prospects of the game and make it more valuable in the somewhat crowded MMORPG market. In addition, players who want to buy New World Gold can choose IGGM.

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