by on December 27, 2021

The Bard is one of the dominant classes in Lost Ark. Every player who wants to play Lost Ark should learn some relevant knowledge so that they can quickly adapt after publishers release Lost Ark. As an important currency in Lost Ark, Gold is also something players who want to master Bard need to own. They can get Lost Ark Gold on IGGM.

From the previous Lost Ark test version, we can know that according to the information from the KR server for Season 2, players should set up Bard’s Engravings in this way. To awaken, players should increase their overall awakening skill intensity as much as possible, preferably as high as 50% when the character level reaches level 3. They should also increase the maximum MP, up to 30% of the character’s mana at level 3. They should also set up Spirit Absorption, which allows them to increase their attack speed and movement speed by 15% at level 3. Finally, they have to prepare some Urgent Rescue/Desperate Salvation (Class Engraving) so that they can have up to 24% additional health treatment at level 3.

There are many ways to play Bard, and depending on whether players are dealing with endgame PvE content or PvP arena content, they will find different skill sets and constructions. Therefore, players have many options when playing Lost Ark, and freedom is high at

Besides the above content, they can also learn more practical guides about Lost Ark through IGGM, and they can also use various discounts or become VIP members to buy the cheapest Lost Ark Gold. Follow new MMO!

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