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Lost Ark is a very popular MMORPG this year, players can explore different tasks in the game, make different Lost Ark Items, can build various professions such as igniter witch, shadow hunter, destroyer, etc., want to have the best build , players must have enough Lost Ark Gold and Items, if you are interested, please follow RPGStash.

Emotes are one of the mediums players can use to communicate with other players, Whistle Emote is one of the many emotes in Lost Ark, what we need to know is that Lost Ark has a total of 32 emotes. To unlock Whistle Emote, carefully read the guide provided by RPGStash.

How to get the Whistle Emote

In Lost Ark, Whistle Emote is a reward for the ruffian in Ground Quest and can be found in the daily quests section of Una's Task.​​​ Obtaining Whistle Emote is a long process, and Ruffians In the Ground Quest will be unlocked at combat level 50, and players need to be patient.

Ruffians in Ground Quest

Some players may notice that in Una's Task tab, they can't use the ruffian from the ground missions. To unlock the ruffian in the ground quest, players first need to open the Blue Wind Island questline on Blue Wind Island to reach the Lord of Blue Wind.

Head to the Isle of Azure Winds, just south of Rohendel. This is an end-game area, so use end-game equipment before venturing out.

Once the player enters the island, kill the wild boars on the island. Repeat this task approximately 20 times until level 3 approval is achieved. Once the player achieves level 3 recognition in this quest, you will be rewarded with the Whistle Emote along with the Giant Heart and Stat Boosting Potion. Check the Reputation Status tab in Una's Missions for Reputation.

Activate this emote from the inventory, then execute it from the emote menu. Players can also use it by typing/whistling in chat. The whistle emote is required for some missions, so try to get the emote as soon as possible.

Quickly buy Lost Ark Gold to level up

Lost Ark provides different islands and rare resources for players to explore, to unlock more unknown maps, please upgrade your character level and item level, you will need a lot of Gold or items, choose to Buy Lost Ark Gold online at  will help you quickly level up and gain a sense of accomplishment in your exploration, which is what players mean in Lost Ark, not repeating a task to earn currency.

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