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Many of you have eaten loofah, but did you know that loofah can also be made into a loofah? It's actually made from some normally aged loofahs, and it's an easy vegetable to grow, especially easy to grow, they'll crawl around the house,cellulose sponge cloth manufacturers and can be kept blooming and fruiting vigorously just by standing up and letting it attach and grow.

The loofah is a squash plant in the cucurbit family with very colorful flowers and is related to the loofah pumpkin, cucumber, and melon.

Usually grown in subtropical regions, the loofah's fruit can not only ripen on the vine,natural loofah sponge wholesale but slowly turn a green, yellow or brown color, and eventually the melon wilts.

When the loofah wilts, it leaks out some very hard fibrous tissue. These make great natural scrubber manufacturer These sponges are very hard and resistant to abrasion and are great for washing dishes, faces, bodies, and even floors or cars.

Loofahs are a very popular fruit and vegetable in many parts of the world. It has a great flavor, is very nutritious and grows exceptionally well. It takes a very long time to fruit and the fruit cannot be harvested until the frost is over.

Loofah likes plenty of light and can grow in semi-shade, it can grow well in exceptionally bright conditions, cultivate the soil to keep it moist and avoid prolonged drought.

The soil in which loofahs are grown should be rich in humus, and it's a good idea to add more compost or well-rotted manure to it so that they can produce more and better fruit.

Loofah in the growing process to maintain a perennial warm, avoid freezing, in addition, we must problem to pay attention to it to build shelves, so that the loofah has a place government can climb to grow, so as to effectively promote the branches and leaves to grow demand for vigorous, conducive to the flowering of the research results.

The loofah needs a longer ripening season to maintain a warm environment throughout the year, if it is in the north, it is best to sow seeds in winter and transplant them outdoors in spring.

Cultivating loofahs is also easy. You can just buy some watermelon seeds and sow them in the spring. There are many varieties of loofahs, more than ten common ones.

Do not pick the first loofahs when they are ripe. You can pick them after they have slowly turned green and yellow and finally brown and completely wilted. At this point, you can remove the skin and remove the fibers inside, and there will be some seeds to collect, which you can use for sowing next time.

The loofah sponges you get can be soaked in water to soften them slightly. After clearing the water, the loofah sponge can be exposed to the sun, turning it regularly. After even exposure to the sun, you can dry it completely and store it in a cloth bag for many years.

You can use loofah to wipe all kinds of things, it is a very important and practical natural sponge, after drying technique loofah can also be used to make table mats, shoe mats, sandals or other products.

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