by on September 22, 2021

Players know that they can earn ESO Gold by crafting this way. But many people also don’t know how they should improve their efficiency in earning ESO Gold and save more time to do other things. In other words, if players can find some smarter methods, they can make crafts while achieving wealth freedom by completing challenging tasks, and they will not have to worry about lack of enough ESO Gold for a long time in the future.

They can invest their existing money in recruitment assistants. Recruitment is part of the handicraft skills series. The only profession without a hiring option is alchemy. According to the recruiters hired by the players, they receive valuable resources through the mailbox every day. Because most players may invest too much in exploration and don’t want to spend a lot of time making new items. With Hirelings, they will do all the work for the players themselves. As the level of craftsmanship increases, players will get more resources. 

When the assistants that players have reached the third place and the last hired person, they can receive items twice a day and have a chance to receive rare handmade mats to create valuable items for sale. If they are willing to spend money to make more money, ESO Crown Store has two assistants. The most helpful is Nuzhimeh, who can summon his merchant. This means there will be less travel in towns and more time spent on making money.

They can use this method for a long time. And as long as the players will invest, then they don’t have to worry about financial constraints. If there are any precious items or mounts in the game, they can buy them if they want, because they can afford it! The most important thing is that they need a start-up capital. Players can first seek a reliable agent to ESO Gold Buy before starting this work. Hurry!

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