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by on January 15, 2022

Being consistently able to make money from your blog is a dream of many bloggers and we’re here to tell you that this dream is possible. Once you have begun to blog consistently, the next level is for you to monetize your blog. Monetization brings with it a sense of professionalism and in return, you are driven towards creating content that is relevant, adds value to your reader and are passionate about.


Consistency is the most important aspect of blogging after content. Great content works only when you publish it at regular intervals and let Google crawl your website and measure your performance. Maximum people from our community publish twice a week while some have fastened their belts to publish regularly.


Each blogger has a different theory on this but everyone agrees on motivation as a result of monetization. Purba Chakraborty says “Apart from financial assistance, it gives so much of motivation to the blogger. Once the blog looks professional, has some quality articles and steady readers, the blogger should monetize it.” While Amrita Basu (Misra) confesses that “Personally I try to make all my interests self-sustaining. That’s why I monetized my blog.” Narendra specifies to keep the voice original, ” Yes, it’s important to monetize the blog but one can’t start blogging with that objective. The sole idea of Blogging is to make a difference (at least for me). But monetization becomes a by-product as the blog gains traction and popularity. In my opinion, the best time to start maybe when there’s sufficient content put on the blog covering important topics pertinent to the theme.”

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