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by on January 21, 2022

Players and basketball teams can reach out directly to their fans now. There is one NFT marketplace that enables this. It is NBA Top Shot. Built on the Flow blockchain, users can purchase different packs and moments by making bids. They can also get rewards by completing challenges successfully. Are you that entrepreneur keen to digitize the global sports industry? Develop an NBA Top Shot clone.

The core features of an NBA Top Shot Clone Script are

  • Search Panel - Users can discover collectibles effortlessly on an NBA Top Shot clone script. They can tap the search option and enter the names of different players and teams. Subsequently, sports fans can see the latest listings and the lowest price in Ethereum (ETH). Later, they should place their bid before the end of the auction. 
  • Challenges dashboard - Sports collectors can showcase their moments (rare, legendary, and fandom) after completing legacy and flash challenges successfully. Generally, their rewards depend on their knowledge of stats and events of numerous games and tournaments. They have to name and submit showcases and save them before a certain deadline. 
  • Certified Ballers section - Die-hard fans of basketball who collect NFTs regularly are displayed in the certified ballers section. Details like their joining date, collector score, the total number of moments, the number of sets in progress, the number of showcases created, and the challenges completed are displayed. 
  • Help Desk - Basketball fans, renowned players, and teams can resolve issues easily by contacting the help center. They receive prompt support for issues like setting up of accounts, undergoing identity verification, depositing and withdrawing of funds, processing of transactions, winning rewards from challenges, and linking of credit and debit cards. 

Wrapping Up

Are you an entrepreneur aiming to bring a big change in the global sports industry? Collaborate with a white-label NFT marketplace development company to create an NBA Top Shot clone script now.

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