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by on January 28, 2022

You know that Wazirx ranks in 4774in the globe and 319 in the country and it ranks in 11th place in the category. The trading volume is $45.81 million and 191 cryptocurrencies have been listed. And the user's engagement is 9.33 million. And in India, the traffic of Wazirx is 94.38%. 


This is the statistics of Wazirx if you want earn  revenue like the crypto exchange platform like Wazrix the best choice is the Wazirx clone script 


Wazirx clone script is a 100% ready-to-launch clone script which is a replica of Wazirx. As this is a replica this also has a feature of P2P exchange so more traders will reach out to your platform which will help the admin to earn more revenue. And This is an easy process to start trading by connecting wallet. Buying a clone script is cost and time-effective too.


Ok let's see the revenue model of the Wazirx clone script 


Trading fee_  Admin will earn revenue for each trading done by traders.


Transaction fee_ For every transaction admin can get some funds.


Deposit and withdrawal_ If a person wants to start trading he should deposit some amount of funds right at that time admin can earn some amount and at the time of withdrawal, also admin can earn some revenue.


Lending and borrowing-  if a trader is lending and borrowing some tokens and coins the owner will earn some revenue.


Multilateral trading facility _  In This platform multiple trading can be done which helps to have a high number of users so the admin will earn some amount.


Token listing fee_ If the trader is listing some tokens admin will earn some amount of fee.


Ads_ In this platform ads are allowed to post and the amount of fee will be detected by the admin for that ad.


Staking_ By staking tokens In the Wazirx clone script fees will be detected by the admin.


So you want to know a company to buy a Wazirx clone script right?


Yes,  I will directly prefer a company that is WeAlwin technologies a top rate cryptocurrency exchange development company all over the world are providing you with are ready to deploy clone script. And they are providing you with a customizable clone script. For sure they are providing you 100% error-free clone script. according to past reports by clients, they are delivering it on time. 


So start to earn income by joining hands with WeAlwin technologies.


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