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by on January 22, 2022

NFTs are getting the most traction these days. NFT is invading all the unique industries out there right from digital art to sports and comics. It has become the channel for collecting unique digital items on the internet. NFT based only fans clone will be a platform that can recognize all the digital content creators.
Unique digital content is coming from the content creators of social media platforms these days. NFTs are the ones that can give unhackable ownership and recognition to these unique digital contents. Then these content creators deserve an NFT based platform.

What is an OnlyFans clone? 
OnlyFans is a platform that is purely created for the content creators to earn based on the subscription. To be clear, it is a platform where users can sell or buy original content. A non-Fungible Token is nothing but a digital file wrapped as a token and stored in the blockchain. When someone owns an NFT, he will be the owner of the digital file and no one else can hack it. 

The top-notch features of an NFT based OnlyFans clone are

  • Minting NFTs
  • Wallet integration
  • Digital content purchase
  • NFT purchase
  • Create a content collection
  • Creator’s verification
  • Subscription settings
  • Detailed analytic dashboard
  • Creator’s menu

Apart from these features, there are many other minor features that come with the OnlyFans clone.

Wrap Up

NFT based OnlyFans clone is a Whitelabel solution that can be customized with necessary features. The existing features can also be updated according to the needs. If you are a young entrepreneur looking for a creative opportunity to get into blockchain technology, give a try on this extremely creative clone. 

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