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Gestures are the mainstay of our smartphone experience from the time of multi-touch displays. We don’t think before zooming and pinching while viewing photos. Also, why don’t we stop pulling down to refresh Twitter? So, we really expect a few things to happen while interacting with the content on our phone’s screen in a specific way. But there are more Android Gestures than basic ones. In this ultimate blog, we will be showing you some of the most incredible Android Gestures. Here you will see a complete list of all gestures available on Android.







We all are now used to swiping down to see the notifications on Android. But do you know we can swipe down with our two fingers so that we can directly open the Setting Toggles?


Another Gesture for you is pinch-to-zoom to enlarge picture-in-picture (PIP) windows from apps such as Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Duo. There are no limitations for the default size of the floating PIP box. You can hide it, drag it, but most importantly, you can make it bigger or smaller.


If we talk about zooming, you may think you need two fingers for this, but this is not true, at least not in a few apps. Apart from this, you need to double-tap and hold the second tap, then simply down to start zooming with your one finger. It is the most practical way to zoom when operating your phone with one hand.




Google provides many more Android Gestures, but these gestures are exclusive to Pixel UI (On its homegrown devices). We can enable many of these under Setting>System>Gestures. Let’s have a look at the following highlights –

  • Some pixels go with a one-handed mode. This helps you to swipe down on your display’s bottom part to do one of two things: the first is to drop the notification shade, and the second is compressing everything on your mobile’s screen so it’s within reach.

  • We can also open the camera by double-tapping on the power button when our phone is locked.

  • The Pixel 5 included a Quick Tap shortcut. This helps you to assign any shortcut by double-tapping the back of your phone.


Apart from other third-party launchers, the default pixel launcher has not filled with customizations. This gesture’s support is quite limited also, so you can swipe up anywhere on your screen to open the app drawer or simply swipe down to show your notifications. Both gestures save us from reaching our phone’s very top and bottom to provoke the corresponding action.

We can also tap-and-hold an icon of the app to view the list of in-app shortcuts that are assigned to it, but the exciting part is that we can drag these app launcher’s shortcuts into their icon.


YouTube is the heaviest app about gestures in Google Androids. It is full of taps, swipes, and tricks to get us somewhere quickly. My favorite gesture is swiping up on the YouTube video while it is about to play to go to the fullscreen. It is best than searching a tiny button on the bottom left side of the video to enlarge it. The opposite gesture also works, so we can swipe down at fullscreen mode to go back to the general or regular video page.

Generally, we have probably minimized most of the videos while they were playing, despite stopping playback first, then minimizing them. To fix it: you just have to swipe down the mini-player bar so that we can stop playback.

YouTube also provides three android gestures that only function while videos are playing. Check out –

  • Simply double-tap on the right/left of the screen. The default jumps would be forward/back 10 seconds. But this is totally adjustable in this method: Settings>General>double-tap to seek.

  • Do the same thing but use your two fingers instead of one this time. If you Double-tap with two fingers on the sides of your phone’s screen, it moves entire chapters, so you can simply skip to the next one or quickly go back to the previous one without using the progress bar.

  • Third is: tap and hold and then keep your finger still on that, after dragging left/right to seek. It is one of the complicated Android gestures. But it permits us to quickly go across the progress bar and find the spot we wish in the video.


After YouTube, Google Photos comes with many Android gestures of its own. A few of these gestures you might know, but some could be less familiar to you.

Google Photos has a fantastic motion. The go-to gesture is the pinch-to-zoom in the main library and to change the size of thumbnails (in search results). It is so good than tapping each image to fix it, and it allows us to perform multi-photos actions at a time. If you want to select photos, you need to tap-and-hold, then just drag. Check out these three gestures:

  • We can swipe up while viewing a photo or video to show its actions and information.

  • While viewing a pic that has a short video, for example, motion photos, we can click and hold the pic to switch from motion to still and also from still to motion.

  • It is tough to believe that Google Photos only added the option of double-tapping or pinching to zoom out the videos during playback.


This blog has discussed some of the best and coolest Android Gestures such as Google photos gestures, YouTube android gestures, Launcher Android Gestures, Pixel-Specific Gestures, and General Android Gestures. This is very exciting that Google is getting better at this. When a new gesture adds in an app update, it shows tooltips to tell us about it.


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