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by on February 7, 2022

What makes this error so particularlly unacceptable is the fact that Madden 22 coins franchise mode within Madden is supposed to be where players get a lengthy, uninterrupted football experiences. Franchises can run multiple seasons across years, only for their saves to be corrupted and without warning. They'll lose all of their progress and have no alternative but to begin again.

Electronic Arts has acknowledged that there's an issue. There's a fix that is in development, however there's no timetable that will determine the date when it's going to be announced. EA community manager Blueberry responded to a post on EA's official bug-reporting forum saying they are working with the team developing it. Given that there are some reports that show this bug goes all the way back to Madden NFL 21 It's difficult to believe that it has taken this time for the issue to be resolved. At the very least it seems that EA is paying attention. There's no confirmation on whether players will get their saves back or if they'll have to start over.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop that Madden NFL 22 franchise bug from happening, because nobody is aware of what's causing it. It has happened across multiple platforms, including reports on EA's official forums originating from players who play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Madden NFL 22 players should remain aware of the possibility that saves may get corrupted on Franchise mode. This isn't a common occurrence, but possible.

EA Blueberry says that the development team working on Madden NFL 22 is planning to deliver an Title Update to this game during November. An answer to this problem isn't available in this update, however it's a possibility. We'll have news about November's update to come.

The most recent Madden 22 patch has removed the ex-disgraced Former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden from buy mut coins madden 22 the game.


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