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Also, be sure to rs 3 gold get an inventory of lobsters/swordfish. The swordfish is better and I was able to kill elvarg at around 40-50 combat, only utilizing 3-5 lobsters. This setup is only for the final boss fight against elvarg the dragon btw. Another thing to note, having 33 magic can save u 10k gp (for using telegrabbers to grab a map instead of purchasing one through the goblin)

Be aware that you'll require 33 quest points to begin this quest. (u must complete all non-mem quests to earn three quest points) If you'd like to, feel free to message me in the game (Tarun Dragon) and I'd be more than happy to help you, and even fund you, if ur not good on cash. The whole quest costs around 50k-60k. At the time I was doing it, rune scimmies were 60k on its own therefore it cost me far more.

Everyone has offered you the most beneficial advice, but there are two issues. I would suggest that an amulet with power is more beneficial than strength as it improves your accuracy as well as defence. A sword that is short can beat an axe against dragons who are unable to take stab attacks.

I'm going to bring this up too, but I didn't realise that he'd need the extra atk at his lvl, and yeah, dragons are rlly weak in stabs (was trying to come up with the possibility of a f2p stabwep but couldn't come up with one). If you do decide to employ a rune sword, make sure that it is set to a stab stab atk.

It's slower and less powerful than a scimmy. On the bright side, you may hit more often, and its cheaper. Also, if you are blessed with 43 prayer, you could easily kill it without any dmg watso ever lol. Don't do it, you do not need prayers to fire cape buy osrs eliminate elvarg.

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