by on March 8, 2022

The latest update for Lost Ark is now live, along with the recently announced tweaks to T1/T2 dungeons and raids, as well as some bug fixes. This will stimulate the desire of players to buy Lost Ark Gold.

Most of the notes relate to dungeons and raids with adjusted difficulty, and reiterate why Amazon and Smilegate RPG adjusted the difficulty and how they did it for each affected feature. The explanation digs into what they previously said about the low completion of these dungeons and raids, and breaks it down into how it happened.

For the Western version, Lost Ark has launched Tier 1, 2 and 3 content. The T1 and T2 content engages players and learn more about how Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons work, their own skills and some strategies and modes needed to work with teams. Previously, players were primarily focused on leveling up their characters, through various means including spending Lost Ark Gold. In order to save time, players will also choose to buy Lost Ark Boosting to complete character upgrades.

Since the original version in other regions only launched T1/T2, and there is still some time before introducing T3 content, players have a lot of time to learn it and get better. Players can prepare more Lost Ark Gold besides checking the strategy. Some T1/T2 content was frustrating and didn’t have time to be a sort of prelude to T3 content because of regional variations, most of which weren’t in the Western version yet. Argos, which was recently announced for its next major update, should be a real challenge.

These changes are for individual elements of these dungeons and raids, not a general reduction in difficulty. For example, the change of Gate of Paradise’s Sea of Indolence is to give players more opportunities to prepare, and it may also return. Players will also need to prepare some Lost Ark Gold at IGGM. This is a reliable seller that not only has cheap prices but also provides some game news and game guides for players to refer to.

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