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Sasha is one of the scariest looking NPCs in Lost Ark. She is prized for her fashion sense, confidence and outspoken attitude. Many players will spend Lost Ark Gold just to enhance her.

Sasha may seem like a tough NPC to some players, why not? She is a hell of a woman. However, with the right motivation and completing the tasks she assigns the player, the player can successfully bond with her.

However, before going to her, players need to make sure they have wisdom, courage, charm, and kindness. Remember, these must be above 310. So players can spend Lost Ark Gold to reach the required level quickly. Players who don’t want to spend time can also choose to buy Lost Ark Boosting.

Unlike other NPCs that are usually in easy-to-miss places, finding Sasha is very simple. Players don’t have to lose as much stamina to find her, and it’s faster. Players must go to the Town Hall in the Origin Zone of Acetin Stern.

Players need to complete all the tasks Sasha asks to earn her trust and likes. Players may be hindered by some arduous tasks. They may wish to prepare more Lost Ark Gold, which is used to get more powerful weapons.

Lost Ark Gold has always been in high demand among players, and IGGM not only brings players cheap prices but also news. They are having an event where players will receive a free 6% Lost Ark Gold for every purchase of Lost Ark Gold. Very good opportunity, players need to seize.

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