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I'm sure 23 jumps into 2k23 mt the heads of everyone else, but I'm thinking that the idea of in putting Jordan on an album cover was more of a statement about the most iconic athlete of all time , and we thought this was the best 2K ever, therefore we made the right impression by placing Jordan on the cover. The year of the great and we felt that Jordan was the choice. We've clearly worked with LeBron in the past for covers and will continue to do so. LeBron is a fantastic partner of ours but I mean the same thing with Jordan for us.

I'm sure fans want Kobe to play 2K24. Are there any chances of that?Who knows? We're super excited about 2K23 at the moment. Twenty-four seems like a long way off and yet we're having these conversations in the early stages, so we'll need to see.At when will you all begin to concentrate on the 2K2 that's coming up? I'm not convinced we'll ever get to that point. It's obvious that the game remains within the game's lifecycle for a couple of years. We released 2K22 content around a week two years ago.

The basketball arena is going to be 24 hours a day and thanks to our game, it's going to be the real basketball. It has to be exactly the same. What you're asking me is as follows: when should we start thinking marketing wise about covers and whatnot and I believe it's constantly being discussed, as that of 2K24 or 2K25. Maybe this is how I can help answer Buy Nba 2k23 mt a question I'm sure will be coming up from you, and that's how do we get the Devin Booker cover right ? And what is the best way to get Devin?

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