by on December 9, 2022

The July update is just been released at Lost Ark Gold , which introduces the Arcanist, the Punika Powerpass , which allows users to immediately upgrade a character to the level of 1302 for an Express Event as well as new difficulties to play the Valtan Legion raid, and more. still. Through the official roadmap at the official website Amazon Games communicates the new content that will be available after the updates in August and September.

The month of August, that is known to be weaker month for video games, the game will arrive a little. In reality the Pet Ranch will be added which will allow us to be able restore the morale of our pets, handle their tasks and also earn Jelly Cookies, which can be traded for rewards. The Maharaka Festival will also arrive as a brand new event, with many prizes available for grabs.

In September, the month, however, will see the arrival of two major updates . The first will be a set of significant technical changes to the backend that can be the basis for the second one, that will incorporate several of the quality of life improvements recently made by South Korea. For instance, there will be a Global Chat Room will be added, as well as improved interaction between servers , including interacting with Lost Ark Gold for sale people from different servers in Strongholds and the possibility to connect with friends from various servers, better PvP settings, better guild systems and improved controller support.

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