by on October 30, 2021

Fast travel is arguably the most useful aspect of New World, which is why players must prioritize it. When players complete the first few missions of New World, they will see a large settlement. Although there are many tasks to accomplish, it is worthwhile to do some exploration. This is because players can unlock Fast Travel Shrines when they stumble upon them. Fast Travel Shrines is essentially a portal that makes moving around easier. Gone are the days when they had to trek to New World Coins Buy.

Another important aspect that players need to learn in New World is to choose factions. Once they reach a certain part of the main quest line in the game, there will be three factions to choose from. The three factions are Syndicate, Predator, and Covenant. Players also need to keep in mind several factors when trying to choose a faction that suits them. All three factions control different parts of the map and will vary from server to server. Since factions also fight for territory, the best thing to do is to join a faction that dominates the player’s server. 

The great way to start a character in New World is never easy. Fortunately, the release of Amazon New World didn’t take too long. Players still need to learn and explore many things in the world of Aeternum. And players can also get a considerable amount of New World Coins by completing many tasks. New World’s development prospects are infinitely bright. 

Players are better to go to IGGM to buy sufficient New World Coins before the next New World event arrives, hoard useful items and equipment, and then fight New World in a fully armed posture, which has a better chance of winning.

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