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by on October 30, 2021

It was particularly frustrating that they decided to rs 3 gold change the look of every Armour set available within the game. It's beyond me to understand why they did this. Before, everything was simple and sweet. Then, it's ugly and clunky. The DEVOLUTION of Combat is a great addition to the game. We touted this as the best update to ever hit the game, but for some reason we've lost a significant portion of our player base... I'm left wondering what the reason is. Who wouldn't want to play a combat mechanic which replicates World of Warcraft and the numerous other tab-targetable ability bars in MMO's?

RuneScape is not a good fit for such changes. Senior Management Tips: Give Old School RuneScape an "rebirth". Right now it's pay to play, but in the near future it should be open to free players and let history repeat itself as it did when RuneScape began its journey.

Don't be a pawn to younger players who are looking to return to gambling. You have no other choice than to fix bots or get the content back into. The game is dying and is your only hope. This is what I feel I ought to be saying: "We will never implement lottery."

You not only didn't keep your word but also you had the nerve to say that the Wheel of Fortune is a gambling system where you can spend real money in order to earn the game's rewards. I would not recommend this business to a friend. My opinion about this business isn't very positive.

I was a member paid of an old account years back. It was enjoyable, and it provided more content. Now, with my account on a new server, I am playing much more serious and have gone deeper than ever in the game: I am now almost level 90 Mage (going for 99) I've made SO many dollars by selling tons of drops and fire cape buy osrs by flipping and high alching objects.

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