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Unlike the format a lot of the past and future Abyssal Dungeons follow, Lost Ark Gold Palace actually starts with a Boss encounter right away rather than a mob-clearing phase. The Phantom Legion Queen is a bit of a tedious fight, as she has a lot of movement abilities and quick-cast attacks that knock players up. Thankfully, she's not all too tanky, so players will likely get to her one Wipe system, the Mirror & Energy Wave mechanic before they know it.

At some point after the Phantom Queen's 8th HP Bar, she'll teleport to the middle of the arena and start this phase of the battle. Players should not worry about damaging her during this mechanic, as the Queen takes much less damage anyway while this is all going on. Rather, players should focus on the red, blue, yellow, and purple mirrors that are spawning around the edge of the arena.

Each color of mirror has a pair, making eight in total with two of each, and the key thing to know is that the colors denote which mirrors are "connected." For example, interacting with a blue mirror will immediately teleport the player to the other blue mirror.

After these mirrors spawn, The Phantom Queen will then spawn a deadly wave/line of purple energy that can't be dodged and covers the entirety of either the horizontal or vertical area of the arena. This wave will then start moving towards the players, passing through the Queen in the middle of the arena. At this moment, each player should take note of which mirrors are on the other side of the wave and move to the other mirror of the same color immediately. Players simply need to interact with the mirror once the wave has moved past its pair, and that's it! That said, cheap Lost Ark Gold there's not much room for error, as a player who even slightly touches the purple Energy Wave is instantly killed.

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