by on April 1, 2023

As we all know, we will usher in the Path of Exile new update on April 7. This time, the GGG team not only launched a new Crucible mechanism but also released something a little more unique. Let me introduce it.

GGG has released some new rewards, and if you are not satisfied with these rewards or you do not need them, you can sell them as extra Chaos Orbs. In addition to this, GGG also launched a special Crystalline Geode, which allows you to build trees on special items. These are things that ordinary Forge could not do before. These rewards are more precious than traditional passives and will also make your weapons more valuable and powerful.

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In addition to these, there will be several unique things that will come with this update. Among them, what players are most looking forward to is that El'Abin's Visage is different from the traditional armor helmet. It has its own Crucible passive skill tree , which will make you more powerful.

The Blood Price helmet will reduce the maximum health of you and your enemies at the same time. When you are confident enough in yourself, this helmet can help you kill enemies quickly.

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The Tainted Pact amulet now doesn't heal you when you drain life but instead deals Chaos damage over time.

Lastly is an initial The underrated bow - Widowhail, this bow has been greatly enhanced. It greatly increases the rewards you get from the quiver.

This is all the information I know. Hope it helps you.

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