by on April 3, 2023

Some overhauls and improvements in Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible Update

As we all know, the Path of Exile is about to usher in the Crucible Update, so let me see what Overhauls and Improvements are there besides the new Crucible League

The first is about the optimization of the Atlas passive tree. Players can now unlock the skills of different parts of the Atlas tree, instead of unlocking all the skills between the two parts like before.

The Breach and Abyss have been updated. Right now, you can only get Flawless Breachstones through Blessings and Atlas Trees. The maximum level of Baluchistan has also been increased. Monsters will now spawn more frequently, but the duration of damage has been shortened. This means that you need more POE Currency to buy weapons, helmets and belts to strengthen your class. You can go to POECurrency to buy POE Currency to deal with this monster strengthening.

The passive and mastery trees have also been revamped, and the two boost classes have been slightly reworked. Pathfinder got a brand new Flask-themed ability and its Mixture was improved as well. Vandal now has a new profession called Trigger. This new profession has two passive skills. The Perfect Crime will summon two Triggerbots for you to cover up the previously triggered spell and make it trigger twice. Another Passive skill is Like Clockwork, it will give you stats for increased cooldown recovery rate.

Finally, there will be new POE Items such as Blood Valence, the helmet that reduces the maximum health of attached monsters, and these unique items will also unlock a range of new Vaal abilities.The above is all the information. Thank you for your patience to read.

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