by on November 16, 2021

Although New World was loved and sought after by the vast majority of MMO fans from all over the world at the beginning of its launch, we can observe from actual data that the number of people playing New World online every day is decreasing. The reason is that Amazon has not thoroughly optimized New World, which makes bugs happen frequently. This also affects the game experience of players, and even makes them less desire to earn more New World Coins to play.

Such as Random Gold Dupes. Developers have not dealt with it, even though they have declared that they would fix it. A messy chat box malfunction caused gold Dupes. As soon as the chat box bug was resolved, players immediately noticed that once the upgrade started, they could see the gold coins in the bank, but for whatever reason, the upgrade process would never start. To make matters worse, players still need to pay New World Gold for the cost of the update. Obviously, it has caused Amazon to suffer a lot of complaints.

Infinite Hatchet Job. One of the latest bugs that players noticed in large open world games includes an axe that can defeat single-player missions. Once the axe is got in the “Fight against All Possibilities” mission, the player will usually get a 10% increase in base damage every time an enemy hit 5 meters away. However, the player reported that the buff continued after the player died or left a five-meter radius, and suddenly allowed the axe to cause 2,000 damage per blow to the enemy. This bug effectively allows the player to cause unlimited damage and effortlessly defeat the boss at the last level, making it a good RPG game for New World Coins. Some people like this bug because it provides opportunities to kill wild boars and fishing, but it is more frustrating than anything.

Alas, it is not yet known when New World will return to the normal process. Players who have high hopes for it are also actively buying New World Coins from IGGM, hoping to play a more perfect MMO game.

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