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EA and Marvel 10 are teaming up for the first time, which seems to be confirmed by a leaked image from the FIFA 23 website.
Crossover games seem to be able to renew interest in long-running video games. Companies such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Fall Guys regularly announce collaborations that surprise us, and based on the leaks that have been leaking recently, I believe FIFA will be involved as well.

Earlier today, a photo that has been circulating on social media has been found to be a promotional image for this year's FIFA 23. To be precise, this is something called Heroes, which has the Marvel logo in addition to the game logo.
You might think it's just a convincing fake, but there's still a segment of people who think it's legit and they give their reasons for this - if you type FIFA 23 heroes into Google Images, the above image It is the second result of the search, and the source of this picture is the official website of FIFA 23.

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But apparently there isn't any sign of the Marvel logo in it, but the fact that EA's website is searchable isn't an official absurd move, in other words, it's just a way to expand the reach of FIFA 23.
There's also the question of what form the Marvel crossover will take us. The most immediate guess would be to add some Marvel characters to Ultimate Team mode as players that can be recruited by the team. Ultimate Team mode has always been the most popular mode among fans in FIFA 22 because it allows players to choose their own players and build a strong team, but getting some good players often requires a lot of coins, so I recommend Come and take a look at UTnice, there are a lot of cheap coins here. has always maintained a responsible attitude towards consumers to serve the majority of fans.

FIFA series games have always been based on reality, they are football simulators, and always pursue the goal of restoring football itself. So they're not a weird cartoon experience like Fortnite. Early Tony Hawk's Pro Petal games did have a similar manager, with typical Marvel characters like Iron Man and Wolverine becoming unlockable skateboarders, but the two types of games are not to be confused.

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