by on December 6, 2021

Since the launch of New World, like any decent MMO, it has almost always been the goal of robots. Initially, the players focused on fishing and ore gathering, and they still do, although they now seem to expand to other professions, most notably, to a fairly high level. Let’s put it this way, when they have a robot above level 30, they have a lot of fishing experience and show how long the robot has been active.

In the last week, a large number of robots appeared on many servers in New World. They harvested and mined completely effectively. There is no lack of video evidence in the game, and players can observe characters that are obviously not controlled by human players. At the same time, there are other players monitoring the robot’s behavior and reporting it regularly, and the robot is still happily conducting business after ten days. Although at least sometimes it misses a step and leaves many lovely leathers to collect.

Players are frustrated by Amazon Game Studio’s apparent inaction in two ways. Due to the massive amount of robotic activity, it becomes meaningless to collect your own resources when prices fall. When the player kept reporting the seemingly obvious robot, nothing happened. While players are waiting for Amazon Game Studios to better solve this problem, of course there are good human solutions. New World’s classic method of dealing with New World Gold has not changed.

Regardless of the reality, Amazon game studios are once again facing in-game issues, and the New World community believes that they have not been dealt with, or have not been taken seriously. The recent repeated failures were reported long before the action was taken, and although the developer retroactively banned players who took advantage and solved the problem, it had to shut down the entire economy of the game in doing so.

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