by on December 23, 2021

After such a long wait, the release time of Lost Ark seems to get closer and closer. Now that the game team plans to release it on February 11, 2022, people interested in it can start preparing in advance. For example, learn more about Lost Ark’s gameplay, mechanism, and system through IGGM. And Lost Ark Gold, as one of the most important forms of currency in the game, is also a must for players.

Amazon Games released a trailer for Lost Ark before Christmas. People see new battle scenes and exciting panoramas. If they have already purchased Lost Ark Founder’s Packs, they may visit three days in advance from February 8, 2022, to activate it. Just make a reservation for Lost Ark’s official website. There are four different Founder’s Packs available in bronze, silver, gold and platinum, with prices ranging from US$14.99 to US$99.99.

Lost Ark is a masterpiece presented as MMOARPG. It is a combination of MMORPG and Hack’nslash and is currently available in some Asian regions. The story requires players to find the lost arc. They can control 15 different classes at the beginning, all of which have their own details. Christoph Hartmann, vice president of Amazon Games, said that they are thrilled that Lost Ark can arouse people’s interest all over the world. By February next year, players will jump into the fantasy world of Arcasia for the first time and experience it for themselves at

As usual, players who want to get more powerful and better equipment in such MMOARPG games will definitely need more Gold, and Lost Ark is no exception. Gamers can buy cheapest Lost Ark Gold at a great discount on IGGM, and it conducted all transactions in a 100% secure transaction environment. Follow IGGM.

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