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It has been nearly two months since FC 24 was released. I believe many players have gained a lot of experience. I also believe that many players have also prepared many strong team lineups for this. I will discuss this below. Several Pro Clubs Tactics are recommended.

The first to bear the brunt is Tiki Taka. This is a team-oriented tactic that focuses more on quick passing and ball control. It requires a test of the discipline of the players and requires close cooperation between the players for this tactic to be as effective as it should be.

For this tactic, the first thing players need to consider is passing. They need to quickly transfer the position of the ball between teammates to reduce the opponent’s possession of the ball. And players can’t break out of their own style of play, which allows tikitaka to work most effectively, as it’s a very team-oriented tactic, so it requires input from every corner of the pitch.

NOTE: Players should avoid using a 5-at-the-back formation as the 5-at-the-back formation is more suitable for counterattacking or defensive teams and is not suitable for Tiki Taka tactics.

The second type is the Vertical Counter Attack tactic. This is a tactic that is more practical than fun. Players can unleash wingers with long passes past the opposition’s defense, and score more goals with tall forwards through precise crosses. This tactic requires fast wingers, midfielders with high long-passing ability and tall forwards, so the prerequisite for using this tactic is to have this type of player. No need to worry too much, I happen to know a good way to solve these problems. As a game currency sales website, IGGM sells a variety of game currencies, including FC 24. And not only coins are sold here, and Players are also sold. No matter what kind of player you want, you can get feedback and get it here.

The third type is Gegenpress. This is a tactic that originated in Germany. The core is to focus on winning as much ball possession as possible in the early stage. This tactic consumes a lot of energy, so having players with enough energy and speed will be a big help for us.

The last one is a tactic called Park The Bus. This tactic was considered too defensive, and it was. Therefore, this tactic is a good choice for attackers who like to use skills and dribble past multiple players (although I personally do not recommend this tactic very much).

In general, each tactic has its own advantages and disadvantages. We need to choose the tactic that suits us based on our own situation, which will greatly help us gain great assistance. By the way, if you are in urgent need of Coins, or need to find suitable players to match your team, I think IGGM is a good choice, and Black Friday is coming soon, and IGGM officials have also distributed a lot of benefits for this purpose. At present, I think the most helpful thing is the coupon code “WATER”. This coupon can get us a huge discount when we buy coins or players.

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