by on September 24, 2021

Some time ago, Bless Unleashed made the first major update on the PC. Most of the updates may be general improvements, balance changes, bug fixes, etc., but players can also experience two new content. Players can explore the new 35+ level dungeon Nightspire: Caverns of Wrath, where they will fight Flame Lord Vale. The dungeon consists of three parts, and each part has a boss, so be prepared to deal with them before you find the big guy. Prior to this, players had better prepare some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to enhance their strength in order to easily defeat the enemy.

In addition to dungeon, the update also adds Twisted Spider Queen Boss. This is a level 42 boss designed for high-level players. Those who manage to defeat the eight-legged monstrosity have a chance to win the Wyvern mount. Be sure to avoid her trap, because she is more cunning than the ordinary spider queen. If the player's character is not strong enough, they can Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to quickly increase their strength.

At the same time, this update also made changes to the game market. Due to the large-scale abuse of the Lumena store by all parties, Studio 8 and Neowiz decided to remove Lumena merchandise from the market. They also raised the level required to enter the market. It is also because some players will buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds on some third-party websites such as IGGM, which has a negative impact on the game economy. Their previous attempts to deny it proved to be less effective than expected. So, this is the next step.

They stated that if this particular change cannot be made in the way they want, they may temporarily close the market for a period of time. In order to apologize for these problems, the developers have established a reward system that will continue until the market system improvement patches appear. From now to then, players will receive a backpack expansion coupon every day after logging in. But these rewards do not seem to be directly buying Bless Unleashed Star Seeds easier and more convenient.

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