by on January 29, 2022

New World has rolled out its January 26 update on PC. Recently Amazon Game Studios released a pretty chunky update with a slew of recent additions, including an expedition mutation system. These increase the difficulty of the expedition, making it more engaging for players who want more challenging content. These players can buy New World Coins to get better gear to face new challenges.

So this update adds nothing new, but results from maintenance on an issue that immediately appeared and caused the problem. This update fixes a bug that made those items unusable for crafting, causing crafting to fail and consuming top-level resources that were being used. This has been corrected and storage and crafting should work correctly. Players can now normally spend New World Coins to get rare resource crafting items.

The Ring of The Forgers Signet is now available in-game, but does not automatically return to inventory. Amazon apologizes for the inconvenience this issue has caused players, and will return this item outside of the patch to players who have it equipped. Players can now also spend New World Coins to get it.

This update also fixes that caused loot from Elite Chests in Mutated Lazarus Instrumentality Expeditions to not respect a player’s expertise. Amazon has also fixed a server crash affecting Expeditions and Outpost Rush. Players can buy New World Coins at IGGM to explore a more complete New World.

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