by on April 25, 2024

The trailer also put the spotlight on new categories of Path of exile currency weapons, like spears and crossbows, in addition to new skill gems and capabilities. These fresh inclusions will equip players with an expanded range of choices for character development and exploration of various gameplay styles.

As of now, the exact launch date for Path of Exile 2 is still a suspense, but we're eagerly anticipating its grand arrival in 2024! Grinding Gear Games, the developers affirm that the game is still under development and will only be unveiled when it's fully refined and ready to amaze. Regardless, by scrutinizing the firm's historical release patterns and development stages, we can confidently predict when it might be launched.

Considering the substantial exaggeration regarding the sequel's scale and complexity, it's apparent that the development phase might outlast those of the previous expansions. This suggests that fans might have to show a little more patience for the grand unveiling of Path of Exile 2. However, the developers promise to keep the thrill alive by continually rolling out updates and expansions for POE buy currency the original game, ensuring the players remain hooked and anticipation stays high.

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