by on October 29, 2021

New World will implement the 1.0.4 patch recently. To the delight of players, it will bring two desired features to the game. This patch not only allows players to choose to transfer the server again but also to play the endgame PvP mode Outpost Rush, which was disabled shortly after it released the game. So if players want to have a better gaming experience, they should prepare enough Cheap New World Coins in advance.

For similar reasons, errors, and vulnerabilities, both features are disabled. For Outpost Rush, there is a problem that makes players get stuck between instances and cannot play the game at all. When the server transfer went live in the previous patch, some players could use an error to replicate gold with the game. This is frustrating for many players. No one wants to encounter various bugs when they are excited to play the game, although some players have bought RPG New World Coins to make themselves easier in the game.

Other changes implemented in Patch 1.0.4 include the removal of Everfall’s starting beach from the game so that players have a greater chance of starting at the same location as their friends. It also includes a repair to the House of Representatives taxation system and an increase in the upper limit of faction tokens. This will be able to increase the game experience of players. It can be seen that the developers are working hard to make New World more perfect. Players are also actively preparing Cheap New World Coins to enhance their strength.

This patch also has a bunch of bug fixes that should help the stability of the game and other issues players encountered during the Aeternum adventure. In the game, players may encounter various difficulties or encounter various embarrassing situations. In these situations, players can easily face it with Buy New World Coins. Because it turns out that New World Coins are the most useful existence in most cases. Come on!

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