by on November 2, 2021

Amazon successfully launched the MMO New World. However, it is now discovering how difficult it is to keep this type of player, and New World is losing players at an alarming rate. Tracking the peak of concurrent players of New World on Steamcharts, it can be seen that since it launched New World, an average of 135,000 concurrent players have been lost every week, and the downward trend continues. Although many players are very active in New World Coins Buy, losing players is also an indisputable fact.

Sunday seems to be the weekly high, and here are the trends since the release. 10-3: 913,000 players, 10-10: 726,000 players, 10-16: 608,000 players, 10-23: 508,000 players. The downward trend is slowing, but an average of 135,000 people quit each week, but the current peak of New World’s workday players is about 377,000. Many players will prepare enough New World Coins in New World, but there are also many players who give up this game.

For most games, such a decline will not be a problem, but for MMOs whose entire purpose is to maintain the player base for a long period, it is a bit of a drop to nearly one-third of the peak after the first month. It is worrying and shows that measures must be taken to keep players. There are also many bugs in the game that need to be fixed, and economic issues such as New World Coins need to be considered.

There is no shortage of hardcore players in New World, who actively explore and upgrade in the game. In fact, as long as players explore carefully, there are still many places worth playing in New World. They can get a variety of interesting tasks in the game, and they can also gain more experience. If players buy Amazon New World Coins, they will increase the gaming experience greatly instead of moving from one MMO to another. 

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